Just a quick post this week as I’ve got the mother of all colds and would love just go snuggle up in bed and listen to the rain right now (sadly, I also have plenty of work to keep me going).

I wanted to talk briefly about the labels we use on ourselves, with reference to our writing. It’s been on my mind since one of my colleagues referred to me as a “wordsmith” earlier today. I don’t know what it is about “wordsmith” but it really jars with me – I don’t think I’m quite grand or important enough to hold a title like that. But what would I prefer to use instead? It’s tough. The simplest thing would be to simply call myself a “writer” but it feels a bit too general. A writer could be anyone from a best-selling novelist down to a teen who is just taking their first tentative steps into the craft by scribbling poetry at the back of their school books. I’ve always liked the title of “author”, but I don’t feel as though I will have earned the right to call myself that until one of my books is successfully published. So that leaves me with the last (sensible) label I can think of; “novelist”. But then, that seems to imply to me, someone who spends all of their time writing novels and I still sadly spend most of my time on my day job.

Labels can be confusing and I don’t necessarily dislike any of the ones I’ve mentioned, but I feel like I haven’t quite found the right one for me yet. What do you call yourself (other than your name, of course)?


Maybe I need to come up with a new label… Just call me the Typo Queen! Image by Yersinia pestis