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Here’s a fun one: a recent study told us that most professions have a group of names that are weirdly common among the people who work in it. For example, writers of fiction were most likely to be called Kate, Harriet or Simon, while poets had a lot of Edgars, Hannahs and Celias.

Probably just a coincidence, but there are plenty of people who believe that the name of an author cam have an impact on book sales and some authors choose to use pseudonyms as a result. And not just weird ones like “Lemony Snicket”. Here’s a whole bunch of people who changed their regular names for new, completely regular names while writing.

I remember at my first creative writing class, the lecturer read out a few of the names from the register and said, “Ah, these are all great names for writers; I can just picture them on the front of a novel”. Then he turned to me and added, “Oh, Amy, yours not so much”. So I’d better hope that this whole pen name thing is a bunch of nonsense, or I might have to switch mine to Princess Rosebud Sparkles for the sake of my career.

So, what do you think? Does an author’s name really matter?