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Maybe if I stare for long enough, I'll see a bestseller carved into my lawn. -Image by meaduva

Maybe if I stare for long enough, I’ll see a bestseller carved into my lawn.
-Image by meaduva

Human beings love routine and habit. Whenever I decide to sit down to a nice, long session of writing, I will inevitably go and fetch myself a cup of tea, pace up and down the room a few times, and stare gormlessly out of the window for several minutes before I actually get started. Those aren’t really the best habits to have as I’m pretty sure they are just procrastination in disguise, but there are some routines that you can come up with that will really help you to write more productively.

My own good habit is listening to audiobooks while I do brainless tasks like household chores. After listening to a couple of well-read chapters, I feel more motivated to get down to writing and it also makes use of the time when I would otherwise be doing nothing useful. Also, with a full time job, I don’t have nearly as much time as I would like to sit down with a novel for any extended period. Most of my spare moments are filled with errands, so using audiobooks helps me to cram my brain full of wonderful fiction, even when I’m rushed off my feet.

Another habit, which I am particularly pleased with, is that before I start writing, I go back and edit what I wrote the previous day. Not only does it help me to get my creative muscles warmed up, but it gets rid of the annoying typos and issues of flow that I would have had to wade through later.

I would love to hear some of your good habits – I’m ready to adopt some more! Drop a comment and let me know.