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Only a week and a half left until Halloween! Even though it’s not observed by many people here in the UK, I love the chance to dig into something spooky. So I’m using it as an excuse to pull out some of my farourite pieces of horror.

I read my first adult horror book when I was about fourteen and a friend of mine lent me a battered old hardback with a plain black cover. The introduction claimed that it was a collection of “totally true” short stories and anecdotes from people who have had ghostly experiences. It was fascinating. Most of them were clearly invented or exaggerated, of course, but at that age I was very gullible and, what’s more, I really wanted to believe that these stories were real.

Over the years, I’ve continued to enjoy the genre, especially psychological horror like “The Monkey’s Paw” or “The Landlady”. And I can’t resist a good short story (for fellow lovers of short, psychological horror, I highly recommend a look at the SCP Foundation – it’s given me good reason to procrastinate for many a quiet afternoon).

So, now you’ve got my recommendations, I’m curious to know what you will be reading on the 31st. Drop a comment!