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Earlier today, I shared this awesome article on my Twitter page about some amazing writing studios. The spaces here range from modern, to traditional, to outright bizarre! And it got me thinking about what my own perfect writing space would look like.

Right now, the system that works best for me is to write during my lunch hour at work. Seems weird, I know. But the reason it works so well for me is that it is a space without any tempting distractions. No matter how much I want to sit down and write, all it takes is for me to glance at the TV remote and I immediately go into lazy-couch-potato mode. While I’m here in the office at lunch time, my only real option for distraction is to go back to my desk and work and that is a compelling enough reason to make me get something done.

So I think my perfect writing space would have to be super-minimal and an inconvenient distance from anything interesting – maybe out in the woods.

I’m curious to know what your perfect space would look like. Drop a comment and let me know!